Trump tears up Obama’s climate change record

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Donald Trump has rolled back Barack Obama’s record on climate change with a series of orders undermining America’s commitment to tackle global warming. In his first trip to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) the President – who has called global warming “a hoax” created by China – has signed an … Read More

Trump son-in-law faces Russia questions

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President Donald Trump’s son-in-law and aide, Jared Kushner, will be questioned by a US committee investigating alleged ties between the Trump team and Moscow. Mr Kushner has volunteered to speak to the Senate Intelligence Committee, the White House said. It is examining Russia’s alleged interference in last year’s election. The … Read More

FBI probe examining Trump-Russia links

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FBI director James Comey has confirmed an investigation into Russian hacking is also exploring whether there was coordination between Donald Trump’s campaign and the Kremlin. The bombshell was an unusual move given the FBI does not usually comment on ongoing investigations. “But in unusual circumstances, where it is in the … Read More

Trump signs revised temporary travel ban

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The Trump administration has rolled out a revised edition of a controversial immigration executive order. The new order which goes into effect on 16 March, temporarily suspends immigration into the United States from now only six predominantly-Muslim countries. Citizens from Libya, Syria, Yemen, Iran, Somalia and Sudan will be subjected … Read More

Trump pledges ‘renewal of the American spirit’

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Donald Trump has pledged a “renewal of the American spirit” as he laid out a series of bold promises in his first speech to Congress. As well as rebuilding America’s military, the President pledged to extinguish the “vile enemy” that is ISIS and provide “massive” tax relief for the middle … Read More

Trump skips White House press dinner

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Trump becomes first POTUS to skip White House correspondents’ dinner in over 30 years Donald Trump will not attend the annual White House Correspondents’ Association dinner, a high-profile event that draws celebrities, politicians and journalists. The announcement marks a break with an annual tradition where the US president is the … Read More

Trump wants to expand US nuclear arsenal

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Donald Trump says he wants to expand America’s nuclear arsenal to make the US “top of the pack”. In an interview with the Reuters news agency, he also said he is against a “one-sided” new deal with Russia that would cap the deployment of nuclear warheads. Mr Trump said: “I … Read More

‘Out of control’: Trump’s hour-long media attack

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It was a remarkable moment in modern American political history. President Donald Trump held court for one hour and 16 minutes, fielding multiple questions from reporters, while also airing his grievances with the media. After a fast-paced and at times turbulent four weeks, President Trump rejected the idea of a … Read More