• Thank you Pastor for this Word. Christianity without the Holy Spirit is a mere religious - Pachorace
  • Am happy to be a member of the body of Christ Jesus and I like this station so much because it gives me all that I need to be a success in life. Thank you pastor Chris and may God bless you and your family - Isaac
  • Loveworld TV is making great impact around the world - Zak.
  • God is real and powerful. Thank pastor sir. I am the righteousness of God - Bola.
  • Thank you very much for love world tv, it feeds my soul and gets me always alive with the words - Philomena Eshun.
  • Thank God. For this great vision granted on our Man of God Pastor Chris, what a privilege to be here today. - Anselm Ibe

Rhema For Today

The fact that you received the Holy Spirit at a specific time doesn’t mean you’ll always be filled with Him. Being filled with the Holy Spirit has to be a daily experience, in the same way you drink water every day. You don’t lose your mind when you... Read more

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