• Thank you Pastor for this Word. Christianity without the Holy Spirit is a mere religious - Pachorace
  • Am happy to be a member of the body of Christ Jesus and I like this station so much because it gives me all that I need to be a success in life. Thank you pastor Chris and may God bless you and your family - Isaac
  • Loveworld TV is making great impact around the world - Zak.
  • God is real and powerful. Thank pastor sir. I am the righteousness of God - Bola.
  • Thank you very much for love world tv, it feeds my soul and gets me always alive with the words - Philomena Eshun.
  • Thank God. For this great vision granted on our Man of God Pastor Chris, what a privilege to be here today. - Anselm Ibe

Rhema For Today


Do you know that you can be joyful all the time? You may ask, how is that possible? Well, joy has nothing to do with what’s ¬†happening to you or around you; it’s got nothing to do with what others say or do to you. Joy comes from within you, and it’s u... Read more

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